Yes! Finally! I am a GLO Guru - i can hear the angels sweet chorus!
They are singing for me.
I have been empowered the Linuxiel force and am now a creature to be respected for my harmony with the greater good. Held in awe by my mere mortals, respected by Gods.

I hold this oath to help young Linuxiens alike learn this savage and demanding, but rewarding road to operating system utopia. May the powers that be help me through this conquest!

I thank you for my tuition by fellow GLO Gods and Guru's alike, for i have learn't your lessons well.

I believe there is going to be a "New Dawn" where Linux will rule the Apocalypse of mandkind and Windows based users will cower in the shadows as they deserve.

Forever let our conquest prevail !!

HAIL LINUX!!!!!!!!

I gota stop drinking :P