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    oracle on linux

    A demi newbie question.

    I recieve an arror that the oracle installer cannot open "localhost:0.0" The first time I installed oracle 10g on Fedora (C1) it worked. the second time I decided to re-install the OS and and write a manual for installation of Oracle 10g on fedora. However the second time around, Doing the same procedure, when I ./runInstaller, I get an error that the xhost cannot open at localhost:0.0! Any Suggestions?

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    Common problem. Are you downloading and running all the scripts etc as the Oracle user, root or another user?
    Try to create a third user, say "JOE" and follow the installation instructions as the third user, swithing to root with su, and when prompted loggin out and then running the oracle universal installer as oracle user that was created. Also put into your .bas_profile file the "export DIPLAY= xterm" this way it is automatically set as you log on.

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    Don't you have to own the console on a local host ??
    I like the idea of having some Linux-Oracle knowledgeable folks around I'm tired of making all the mistakes.
    Testing 1-2-3,

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