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Thread: Fedora up2date issue

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    Fedora up2date issue

    Well I am using FC2 and I have changed the sources file for up2date to use some yum mirrors. The problem is that when I mouse over the up2date icon it says I have 8 available updates. Launch up2date and it only shows you 4. One of them was downloaded and installed the other ones never seem to do anything. They are some perl-xml, libxml and another one or two listed, but when you try to upgrade it says no available updates were found. ??? ??? Does anyone know if there is some sort of cache that I can clear out to try and get rid of those entries or some other fix.


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    Re:Fedora up2date issue

    try yum clean

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    Re:Fedora up2date issue

    I tried that actually I tried yum clean all but that didn't seem to work... it was suggested to me on the fedora list. Is there a difference between clean and clean all?

    And this actually kind of created a little problem... now I'm getting a package conflict error :-\ with libXML2 its kind of wierd this wasn't on there before. If someone feels like helping here is the message and the package details.

    Test install failed because of package conflicts: file /usr/lib/ from install of libxml2-2.6.15-2 conflicts with the file from package

    now when I double click the alert icon it tells me what versions I
    have and are available this is what comes up (including the perl stuff
    just to hopefully help out.):

    Package Installed Available
    libxml2 -2.6.15-2:,-2.6.15-2
    libxml2-python -2.6.15-2:,-2.6.15-2
    perl-XML-LibXML -1.53-1 -1.56-10:,-1.56-10
    perl-XML-LibXML-Common -0.12-1 -0.13-5:,-0.13-5
    perl-XML-NameSpaceSupport -1.08-1 -1.08-5:,-1.08-5
    perl-XML-SAX -0.12-1 -0.96-2:,-0.96-2

    So I have no idea what to do now :-[ :'(

    Thank you for trying to help

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