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Thread: 2nd Fedora release

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    2nd Fedora release

    168 hrs until Fedora releases test1 of the next fedora core. Anyone gonna give it a shot?

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    Re:2nd Fedora release

    i think ill wait untill FC2 final.
    Is going to be coool, hopefully with kernel 2.6, gtk 2.4, gnome 2.6, and maybe even kde 3.2 (is that the coming up version...?)
    buggy as hell, but nice and new :P :P :P

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    Re:2nd Fedora release

    Hopefully they fix the multiple network card issue i was having

    Then i might take to it.

    All rather exciting though since my fave distro was RH, but as time is going on im learning to love Slack
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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