I bought a Digital Voice Recorder a few days ago. Pretty snazzy... voice activated, and will record voice or phone conversations... Good stuff. Anyway, it records onto flash memory for up to 64 hours. It puts all of the data into .dvr files (I don't know if that is a standard or not). I was wondering... if the vendor doesn't offer a Linux solution for converting these files to .wav or .mp3, am I screwed? I figured I may be able to access it like a thumbdrive, and copy the files to the hard drive, but I wouldn't know what to use, or if I even could, play the files afterwards. I also wanted to put the files on CD, so I wanted to be able to convert them to wav or mp3. Would I just need to use the earphone jack and plug the recorder into the mic input of my soundcard? What software would I use to convert the audio that would be transferred that way to mp3?