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Thread: Accessing WindowsXP drives/partitions

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    Accessing WindowsXP drives/partitions

    I've got a dual boot system with Linux 9.0 and WindowsXP. I tried the stock command in the Red Hat Getting Started Guide:

    mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /dev/windows

    and got this error message:

    mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblodk on /dev/hda1, or too many mounted file systems

    Can anyone tell me waht I am doing wrong?

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    Re:Accessing WindowsXP drives/partitions

    I am sure you probably have the file system formatted as NTFS. You'll have a hell of a time getting this going, but this is the best direction I can set you in.

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    Re:Accessing WindowsXP drives/partitions

    You only need to get the ntfs support rpm to install on your linux system, then you can read your windows partition. You may want to ensure that the filesystem field in the fstab states "auto" also. You can also use a program called 'explore2fs' installed on your windows system so that you can read your linux partitions from windows.
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    Re:Accessing WindowsXP drives/partitions

    mount -t ntfs -o suid, uid=user,gid=users,umask=555 /path/to/NTFS/partition /path/to/mount/in
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    Re:Accessing WindowsXP drives/partitions

    I think the /dev/windows may have confused something, because this is where your device files go, this is not where you need to mount it, although if the directory exists it should work.
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