Regarding the recent uprising in the Redhat forum. I want to ask everyone not to respond to flame bait. If someone is pissy and posts something that causes someone to get pissed off, please don't respond. Keep topics on topic and let the mods(including you Alastair) take care of it either by deleting the post or moving it to Rants and Flames. By feeding into the fire it only makes it worse. I am in complete support of deleting such posts if they seem rather pissy, or even editing out(probably a better choice) the parts that are offensive if the post contains anything that is of atleast some importance. Then again, don't construe what is flame bait. If a topic goes completely off topic and someone wants it to get back on the path, saying "Can we please get this back on topic" or some form of this as long as it is resembling polite, is not flame bait. Anyways, I am sure you guys all get the drift. You regulars have heard this time and time again. We all know what my goal/objective is with GLO, and I plan on keeping it that way. Flame wars do not have a place here.