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Thread: We got him

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    We got him

    (see above) 8)

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    Re:We got him

    [me=Syn]puts a mark on the wall for \really\ off topic [/me]

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    Re:We got him

    wtf... :-\ :-\
    who exactly did you get?

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    Re:We got him

    sadam hussen
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    Re:We got him

    I saw it this morning and thought that it was odd that we can find someone like him (with all of his money and such... what an idiot to stay in Iraq) yet we STILL can't find Bin Laden. Hmmm... Money talks, eh? One of Saddam's own ratted him out. It will be a large paycheck for whoever is was though... 25 million, if I remember correctly...
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    Re:We got him

    Bin Laden has a lot more intelligence than Saddam ever had. He also has a lot more money and resources. I don't think we'll ever find Bin Laden, all we can hope for at the very best is we get lucky enough to kill him by accident and we'll never know about it. This is a different type of battle and one that America was not ready to fight. We like knowing where and who our enemies our. Over there they are possibly all our enemies(all are our enemies if the price is right) and we have no idea where they are at or where they will attack from next. We weren't ready for this. Israelis are the only ones that are anywhere close to being able to take care of this, they should have trained our troops in this type of stuff before we went over there.

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    Re:We got him

    I'm glad we caught him, that's one less in the world, however I'm sure one day that someone will get Bin Laden as well. After this, he'll never be able to just show his face in public again as I'm sure our government will be watching.
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    Re:We got him

    i just looked at this thread again today after being subjected to the media for another day and realised what it was on about

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    Re:We got him

    !slap Alastair

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    Re:We got him



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