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Thread: Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    Quote Originally Posted by Omoshiroi
    Environments are nothing, linux should be CLI, thats why redhat\fedora are bad choices, because they are based on the environment and run slow, nasty nasty thing it is,
    you know bash is an environment too? and why should linux be CLI, linux has some of the best looking applications out there.

    how can you trying to be newbie friendly through gui's, if you want to learn how to switch stuff like that over, well... dont use redhat,
    Hmm, ive learnt more on redhat/fedora that i ever did in mandrake.
    Gentoo did teach me some, but lets not go there. I prefre a stable environment that i can hack up if i want to, not something that i have to strugle to get to a working state.

    sheesh, that was a snippy ass comment too, we are nice people, if you want us to treat you with respect, you should also do the same. you get what you give.
    Your comments aren't much better...

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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    What nasty, nasty vibes mahahaha ;D (go on you all really love it!)

    I think if you have more than one network card installed you might have to be careful with going to Fedora - i had a few probs with more than one NIC installed. Some sort of PCI errors ???

    best bet is have a practise system first if you can
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    lol @ alastair, im not saying use mandrake, i am saying dont use something rpm based that tries to do everything for you, yes bash is an environment, its a command like environment, i believe like should be CLI because I have had some funky crap happen with CLI, and alastair, my comments are usually jokes, obviously you dont get them because it doesnt seem anyone else has a problem with them. I guess I have a dark sense of humor type, but who cares, everyone has to laugh and have fun sometimes, you are just too damn serious, But to be quite honest, I do not give a shit what you think of me alastair, you are one person out of many.

    Alastair, using slackware or debian or gentoo or even freebsd, something of the like, that is how you learn stuff fast. everyone here knows this. I started with MDK and yes, its horrible to learn on, but so is redhat. period. since the 'GUI' frontends are there, you are often tempted to use them and then you dont learn how to do it manually from the command line, fact is, tried and true is the command line, it will always be there, that gui frontend wont, thats why I say that linux should be learned from the command line. I believe anyone that uses slackware or anything similar will agree with me whole hearted.
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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    Okay, I'm going to make this short. Since I'm a mod now I kinda have to do this.

    Lets get this thread back on topic, so anyone that sees this post may actually learn something from it. Other then why or why not to use Red Hat.

    If you need to continue take it to the rants, and flames topic.
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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    Quote Originally Posted by babbing
    you could do that all the way from RH 6 if you wanted..
    I was being very literal. In fact, i have read a redhat publication that boasted being able to upgrade from redhat 6, (6.2 maybe alastair, i can't remember) all the way up to 9, and you can sure as hell upgrade from 9 to fedora.

    if you haven't noticed, a good number of the people who responded to you, including myself, have been around here for a good while, and have used linux just as long if not longer. So, if you plan on getting answers in the future, plan on not responding the way you did to me earlier.

    Thank you,


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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    Quote Originally Posted by SkyNet
    Okay, I'm going to make this short. Since I'm a mod now I kinda have to do this.
    Hey, you don't see me doing it :P :P :P
    Anyways, you want back on topic?
    gives a description of how you can upgrade to fedora from rh 7.2
    to go from 6.2, you have to manually upgrade glibc and rpm first i think...

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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    There you go

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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    Alastair, your always causing trouble :P. People don't realize they have to learn to like you, roflmao.

    Anyways, thank you Skynet I didn't see this was turning into a flame war in here.

    Also, I only use Redhat on a rare occasion when I get pissed off and frustrated at Debian, but I always go back to Debian in the end, lol.

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    Well... To answewr my first question, I upgraded from RH9 to Fedora and it wprked fine. The only problem I have now is with Fedora up2date application, but who hasn't anyway...

    I tried to solve the problem by running the up2date from the command line without X and it worked better, so untill you get an update fro up2date, I wiull be using the texst only version...

    Upgrade and have fun!

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    Re:Has anyone made the transition RH9 -> Fedora?

    To reply to all of you, who were upset by my reply...

    Please, don't take it so seriously and read the cite from "Austin Powers". I did not mean to be rude and I apologize if it sounded like that. My point was that anyone can do install with format, because you lose everything anyway.

    Besides it is not important for those who don't use RedHat, so it is no use to even mention, that a lot of people use other distros. I use Slackware myself in some server, but my question was addressed to these who had made the transition already (or not, but have heard about it).

    For a little experience on upgrade -- read my previous one!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!

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