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Thread: Not Linux related, but...

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    Re:Not Linux related, but...

    I'm telling you, we need a petition for an NAACP site at for us. If they get to run one, then they should run for all.
    AMD Athlon 2200+ 1.8Ghz
    1280MB PC-3200 CAS2.5 RAM
    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB AGP
    Western Digital WDC WD2500JB-00FUA0 250GB 7200 rpm ATA/133
    Seagate ST3200822A 200GB 7200 rpm ATA/133
    Western Digital WDC WD1200BB-00CAA1 120GB 7200 rpm ATA/133
    Western Digital WDC WD800BB-00CAA1 80GB 7200 rpm ATA/133
    Maxtor OneTouch 2HA43R32 1TB 7200 rpm USB 2.0
    D-Link DFE-530TX+ 10/100 NIC
    D-Link DWL-G520 Rev.A
    Debian 5.0r1 Lenny

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    Re:Not Linux related, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by Syn
    [me=Syn]always thought it was gravity. Hmm. Back to theorizing how the dollar can have that much power as to form solar systems.[/me]
    The more dependant we become, the more warped and out of touch remnants we are left with.
    Gravity isn't what makes the world go round, The earth absorbed kinetic energy of the ages that hasn't been stopped. gravity is the attraction between two masses

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    Re:Not Linux related, but...

    Gravity is what caused the solar system to condense to form, creating that 'kinetic energy' ;P And yup it makes the world go round... round the sun... round the black hole in the center of the Milky Way. Yay for the garbage disposals of the cosmic realm.

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    Re:Not Linux related, but...

    well, gravity didn't give the kinetic energy, because if there were no kinetic energy, then we would get towed straight into the sun. gravity is still just and attraction between two masses, earth sun blackhole, whatever..

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