I just have a quick question. (My posts always start out like that...)
My webpage (the one hosted by my ISP, not the webserver at home) is due for a redesign. Actually, it has always been due. I wanted to do certain things when I built it the first time, but didn't have the drive to learn how. I plan to redesign it, then run it on the webserver at home until I find a suitable host (ISP won't even let me run CGIs, much less PHP and such...)

Anyways, I am setting up a MySQL, PHP thing, and I want to have a webpage with about 4 or 5 drop down lists that users can select options, then, based on their options, I want PHP to query the server and retrieve records to be displayed.

My question is... am I mistaken by thinking that the drop down menus are JavaScript? Is there a problem in mixing JS and PHP like this? I am sorry if these are retarded questions, but since I am new to both concepts, I can't yet envision them together. Thanks for your guys' time