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Thread: Very dissapointing

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    Very dissapointing

    Well I have gone through and deleted every member that hadn't been active in the last 60 days. What bothers me is after all of that there are only 32 members left. This is pathetic.

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re:Very dissapointing

    I signed right back up. Sorry I havent been around much.

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    Re:Very dissapointing

    that is very dissapointing, although this is one of the best forums in my opinion, just cuz there isnt alot of activity, you can keep up, check out some other linux forums and you are like whoa this is too much, if i post i probably wont see the responce and will have to search aimlessly through the forum.
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    Re:Very dissapointing

    I agree with Omo... I think that this is the best forum by far. I like the fact that the response time is great, and the advice is usually dead-on.
    Another thing that makes the forums appealing is that, when I get a response to a question, the answer comes from a particular person's experience instead of being BS'd. I spent some time at other forums before coming here, and it was almost as if people were just saying things... to say them. They had no background or something. People in this forum actually have no problem going out of their way and doing RESEARCH (absolutely insane!). Take it from me being a relative newb, I have written many questions on these forums, and NEVER have a received the response "go look it up on google". People are very willing to help, and that makes the whole thing worthwhile.
    Another important part of this (to me, anyway) is the lower number of members. It actually makes the place more friendly. Since there aren't 20,000 members, you can kind of get to know the people you are dealing with.
    So, I would just have to say that although there aren't too many folks left, the forums here display quality, not quantity.
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    Re:Very dissapointing

    Well, the lack of "RTFM" or "do a google for it" is mostly because Aragorn set this site up from the beginning to NOT respond to questions that way. I will occasionally give an RTFM or "google" response, but only if I feel it's warranted. That's a rare occasion. I'm more likely to say "google" for it than say RTFM, but even then, I tell what combinations of search terms to use for what I feel would be the best results. Google is usually the first place I go when I don't understand a man or info page, and can't seem to find any examples for how to do something. Then I google for it, to try to find a better explanation or example, so I can better understand. Most of the time, I do the google, play with it a bit, then give a response if I don't already have a question, rather than giving a "google" for it though

    One of the reasons I like this place is, we try to respect each other INCLUDING the new people, because without new people, the *nix community will stagnate and fall apart. We need new people to be interested and they simply WILL NOT BE if you tell them to RTFM. (I know I said I sometimes give an RTFM response if I feel it's warranted, but I ALWAYS give what FM to R when I do )

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    Re:Very dissapointing

    It's strange to have so few members, and such a great layout. Oh well, that's how life is. It would be nice if some of our quality members from the past were to rejoin us, but they are to caught up with grudges me thinks.
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    Re:Very dissapointing

    Skynet, I agree. I have apologized for the lack of care I have given to the site in the past. I also apologized to all of you. I still dont have the time to dedicate to the site that I would like. I also expect you and them to realize I have a life as well that I must pay for on a day to day basis, so work is a precedent to me. If I could find a way to make GLO a full time job I would and spend 24/7 on GLO. I love GLO and even though it hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to after 2 years, it is still my pride and joy. I am proud of what I have created here and although we have almost nill membership I think we have helped quite a few people along the way and have a good website, yes a bit slim right now, but I am trying to work on that over the next few weeks. If I can turn this into a site like LinuxOrbit(I think he does LO for a living) I would, as long as it kept the same kind of feel it does now. I don't want advertising all over the site and I have never asked any of you for money. So GLO has never made me any money, but I still care for it and all the dedicated members greatly. And those who do have a grudge I care for them too, this site wouldn't be even where it is at now if it wasn't for them.

    Gaxprels, you are right I have set this site up to be this way and I will keep it this way. RTFM is the bane of linux. Giving ideas for google searches are not RTFM, sometimes we don't have the experience that vwgtiturbo was speaking of, so we give ideas on where to look to find the answer if it is not here.

    Mugs, thank you for coming back. I actually had a hard time deleting your name because I figured you were busy with life as well. I've read your website and I know you lead a very busy and involved life as well. Only reason I did go ahead and do it is to kind of give everything a fresh start, so I do apologize.

    Thank you for your dedication everyone,
    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re:Very dissapointing

    harrah for aragorn!
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    Re:Very dissapointing

    Thanks Aragorn, I appreciate your concern. No problem deleting me. I have been busy and we had a bad hurricane here last month--had no power for 11 days.

    Maybe I have gotten a little better with Linux ;D ??? and dont have to ask as many questions, but I do enjoy coming here and reading other questions. I will try to be around more.

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    Re:Very dissapointing

    jup, best linux board ever!!! could do with a few dozen more mebers!! keep up da good work and clever responses ;D


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