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Thread: windows to linux share

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    windows to linux share

    Hi to every one
    this is subbiah. i want to make a script from windows to linux sharing. first i want to tell my problems

    1) mount any windows directory in linux
    2) copy all the files from mountable dir to linux dir
    3)umount the dir

    how to do that i want a script from windows to linux sharing

    pl help me

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    well, first, in the linux box you have to install samba.

    Samba will allow you to share linux with windows folders.

    from linux to windows, just configure samba with the directory you want to share.

    i recomend you to create a user in linux to have permission on that directory (could be the same user from windows) . check the permissions on the directory, from user to group and others.

    Redhat based distros have a graphicall app to configure samba shares.
    the smb.conf file is in /etc/samba/. take a look at it, and use man smb.conf to see how does it works.

    in windows, to see the mount of linux, in explorer: \\linux_machine_ip (or dns)\shared_folder

    if you want to mount the directory everytime, use kicks to create a script to do that. (the folder will be automatically mounted and a link will be in explorer).
    otherwise, use a option in explorer that allows a network connection to be mounted everytime (i cant recall the name of the function, but its present in the toolbar of explorer).

    the solution above works in the two directions.

    from linux to windows, another way is to mount the windows partition (in case of a dual boot computer).

    if the partition is NTFS, use captive-ntfs (google for it) - with this, you can read, create and delete any files from the windows partition.

    if the partition if FAT32, just mount it and u can do all the above.


    Bruno Santos

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