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Thread: "groupadd" and "tree" utilities are nowhere??

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    "groupadd" and "tree" utilities are nowhere??

    I know I could add a group on Linux simply
    by editing /etc/group. But where is "groupadd"?? It is not on my linux system (did
    a "find" through my whole linux system and it's nowhere (not even in the usual
    paths such as /usr/sbin, /sbin..where tools + binaries are located.
    Anyway, "man groupadd" confirms there's no groupadd) and it is nowhere
    on the linux install cd rom..and I find it nowhere to download on the internet!
    Is it part of a package of tools? If yes, which one??

    As for the utility "tree", I guess I can find it on the net,

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    Re:"groupadd" and "tree" utilities are nowhere??

    it looks like groupadd might be in the 'shadow-utils' package
    tree seems to be in the tree package (funny, that...)
    you can download them from if you can't find the package on your cds. just type the package name into the search


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