Hy guys,
Altough i'm quite new at this forum (Im helping who I can)...

Well, If you didnt hear about the project Skype:

Here's some info about it:
Well, this project is like ICQ, it's made by the creator of KaZaa.
This is like ICQ but using a microphone..
You choosing nick, you can see who's online now and "call" him, it will "ring" and you could talk with mic.

This project is for MS Billyboy only.
It's dosent work under WinE (or CrossOffice).

Ive has an idea... I would like to build a linux version for it...

Is anyone would like to help me?

Here's my knowladge, I know it's not enugh:
- Website development: HTML/PHP (including W3C)
- C/C++
- QT

And ofcourse much more, more info in:

I'm really hasn't try to program stuff for web at C++...

I think I could help the GUI and the network stuff , with some help.