I have just installed SuSE Linux 8.2 on to my PC; I have installed it on a 14GB partition of my 60GB IDE HD, the rest of my HD is used by windows XP. The installation was very easy and all my hardware including my ADSL USB modem was detected, SuSE was up and running within 30 mins, before I take the plunge and delete windows from my PC and use Linux exclusively I have one major problem that needs to be resolved HOW DO I CONNECT TO THE INTERNET.

As stated previously my ADSL USB modem has been detected, I have also downloaded a Linux driver for my modem from the manufacturer’s website. How do I install the driver to make my modem work and how do I then connect to the internet.

I have researched the problem on the internet and have found out it should be possible connect using my current hardware but all the instructions are at the moment far to technical for me to understand.

For your information my hardware details are as follows:

Gigabyte 7DXE motherboard.
60 GB HD (14GB used by SuSE).
Geforce Ti4200 graphics card.
Soundblaster 4.1 sound card.
512MB DDR 2100 ram.
Sagem F@st 800 ADSL USB modem.
My ISP is Tiscali I use the 512k broadband package.

As stated I am looking to use SuSE exclusively i.e.: uninstall windows XP, but this is not going to happen if I can't connect to the internet.

I look forward to your reply but please bear in mind my lack of technical knowledge of Linux when replying.