Hi ... need some help in a problem
o.s. Slackware 8.1
i want to apply some patches but got no idea ....
first ... patching for kernel ... i think i should run patch -l1 name_of_patch where name_of_patch is in /usr/src/linux
i want to apply patch for iptables curent version in 1.2.6a how should i do ? installing directily iptables 1.2.8. or apply ing patch against 1.26a then iptables 1.27 pom for 1.2.7 and continuing ... if lthe last is the answer how am i applying patches and patch-o-magic ??? need some help about commands...
next is bind ... i have a chroot jail on bind .... if i install a new version of bind do i have to rebuild the chroot jail ? will mai file.map will me altered .. should i link again ndc with nslookup ?

sendmail i decided to install a new version ... will my files will be altered should i do back-up ?

last problem is apache ... some thing i want the new version ...

finaly ) i need some advices in this mathers ... pls

thanks a lot