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Thread: Installing Packages (RPM's etc)

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    Installing Packages (RPM's etc)

    Hi All,

    I'm a Linux newbie (converted Windoze user) and have recently installed Red Hat 9.0, I've been very surprised at the ease of which I'm finding Linux and have managed to grasp mounting filesystems, command lines permissions etc.
    However I seem to have hit the wall with Package installation, Red Hat's seem easy but when I download one from the net and attempt to install, I'm not sure where it has installed it, whether it has installed and how to run it when installed. I tried Synaptic and APT but had file dependency problems, does anyone know where I can find an "Idiot's Guide" to Linux Package Installation or some straightforward tutorials?

    Tom (all help much appreciated!) ???

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    Re:Installing Packages (RPM's etc)

    go to a terminal and type man rpm

    the basics:
    rpm -Uvh <package name> <----- installs or upgrades the rpm

    rpm -e <package name> <----- uninstalls the rpm

    rpm -qa | grep <a word in the package> <------ shows which version a package is

    #rpm -qa | grep sendmail
    # sendmail-8.12-9

    to list the files in a package
    #rpm -ql <packagename>

    Another useful one is when you are trying to install a package to fix a dependency problem for another package you are trying to install but you are facing dependency problems with this one as well then you can use --nodeps

    #rpm -Uvh --nodeps <package name>

    same as uninstalling if you want to keep the dependencies.

    #rpm -e --nodeps <package name>

    As for where rpm installs all the files, they are all over the place. Thats why rpm is useful because it gives you one place to manage packages

    I 'think' ??? rpm keeps a database somewhere to tell you whats going on but i cant remember where.
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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    Re:Installing Packages (RPM's etc)

    Thanks Frisky,

    Will try these out soon!


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    Re:Installing Packages (RPM's etc)

    Is that what 'updatedb' is all about?
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    Re:Installing Packages (RPM's etc)

    updatedb refreshes your database so you can use 'locate <file>' to look for a file

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    Re:Installing Packages (RPM's etc)

    Don't we have an OMP on rpm package managment??

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    Re:Installing Packages (RPM's etc)

    wouldn't have a clue

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