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Thread: Motherboard Misdetects proc speed

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    Motherboard Misdetects proc speed

    I got everything and I put it all together and the mobo tells me that I have a 1ghz proc which it isnt and dosent let me change it. I have a Asus a7n266-vm/aa. Proc is a AMD Duron 750

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    Re:Motherboard Misdetects proc speed

    Are there any jumpers on the motherboard? It looks like you have the FSB or multiplier set wrong. If not are there any settings in the bios about frequency or multiplier?

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    Re:Motherboard Misdetects proc speed

    I finally figured it out. It was confusing because it was supposed to be jumperless but there is jumpers I still need to set. Although I am not sure if i've set it up right. the CPURAM is set to 100/33 when I rebooted it now said I had a 750 mhz. Thanks I was hopping I didnt get a messed up board.

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    Re:Motherboard Misdetects proc speed

    If you decide to do it with the jumpers....

    Multiplier 7.5x
    FSB 100MHz
    DRAM 133 (for PC2100) 100 (PC1600)
    Voltage 1.75v (I believe that is the Duron V. Correct me if I'm wrong)

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    Re:Motherboard Misdetects proc speed

    Thanks for that Kernelkiller

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