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    File Systems

    Which file system will give you the best performance from games. I recently used ReiserFS, because it was set as the default for my distro and because I had never used it before and wanted to try it out. I normally have been using Ext3. I've got a feeling that I probably should have stuck with that.

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    Re:File Systems

    If the games your are playing use many small files, then the reiserFS FS would give you better performance. But, if the games you are playing are prone to crashing, i would recommend the ext3 for it's ruggedness.

    I am not sure about whether or not reiserfs uses journaling.

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    Re:File Systems

    yeah, it does

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    Re:File Systems

    Would you say that ext3 aqnd reiserFS are equally rugged?

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    Re:File Systems

    i would say ext3 is the more rugged one

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