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Thread: converting quicktime .mov to avi

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    converting quicktime .mov to avi

    Hi Guys

    Hope we have some movie butfs outthere? I've filmed a small movie on my digital camera Kodak DX4330. Problem I got I need to convert the .mov to a avi. i downloaded film gimp thinking it would do the trick but I need to convert the .mov file first any ideas?

    I've tried adobe premier but no joy. Any linux alternatives? :-\

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    Re:converting quicktime .mov to avi

    well, i have dug around a bit and have not found anything that will directly convert from .mov to .avi. Though, if you really wanted to get it to that format, you could convert it to a raw format, then use an avi tool to convert it to .avi. If you search, there are plenty of apps that convert to a raw format, then you will have to find another for the raw to avi format. heh, just nothing that converts from one to the other in one motion.

    btw, are you having an issue playing the .mov?

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    Re:converting quicktime .mov to avi

    Thanks for the info, I can play the .mov through mplayer or xine no problems, I just wanted to lighten the film footage its a little dark. I did fnd a program called Xanim but it does not convert, it simply plays mov, avi etc. will checkout freashmeat.

    thanks babbings

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    Re:converting quicktime .mov to avi

    no problem

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