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Thread: Windows 2000 slows down

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    Windows 2000 slows down

    I installed windows 2000 Pro on the first harddisk and redhat 8.0 on the second harddisk . The linux runs fine but on the windows 2000 , during the bootup it is very slow and when I disable the second harddisk in windows 2000 then its smooth again. What is the problem ? They share the same IDE .

    Amd XP 2000
    256 DDR
    40G = windows 2000 pro ( service pack 3 )
    10G = redhat 8.0 ( personal desktop )

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    Re:Windows 2000 slows down

    sharing the IDE shouldn't cause an issue. What bootloader did you choose? I haven't heard of this kind of thing happening before. Could that extra time be windows trying to mount that second drive as its own? Sorry, i have been desperatly trying to forget about windows and it's issues. I do have windows 2kpro, redhat 9, and gentoo on the same drive and experienced no lag on boot of windows, that i remember. Then again, that was about 10 months ago

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    Re:Windows 2000 slows down

    I selected the lilo bootloader, I was guessing the w2kpro was trying to read the 2nd harddrive. Whenever I open "My Computer" the computer slows down alot and after abit of wait , all the icon shows and the pc runs smoothly again. Disabling the 2nd harddrive solve the slowing down but I was just curios about what I did wrong. This the 1st time I install linux on its own harddrive. Thanks for you help any how .

    How about AC97 build in on MSI motherboards ? it detected its a AC97 but I don't get any sound from it :P if there is a solution then please let me know else its okie without sound :>

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