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Thread: 2003 And Beyond

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    2003 And Beyond

    Technology trends that will affect your business and how you do business.
    Warning: very little of the following is speculation. Most of it has already been announced and is being implemented

    This article is a guide to trends that are already in full motion and well known by technology specialists, but are far from obvious to most business managers. I can't tell you what to do about them, without studying your particular business, but it will cast some light on what you should be looking at.

    Much of this article deals specifically with Microsoft and Microsoft's future. This is inescapable, because Microsoft is a huge part of the information industry - and aspires to being all of it.

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    Re:2003 And Beyond

    pure f'in evil...

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    Re:2003 And Beyond

    But hey it's VERY pro-linux near the end.

    Ummm..where it talks about Sun's "open version" of Java...anyone know anything else about this? I took a look around and came up with nada.

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    Re:2003 And Beyond

    Sun has approved the making of an open version of Java by others, and will be supportive of that effort. They do not intend to make it themselves.

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