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    Storing Settings

    Is it at all possible to keep the settings of windows the way that you want them in KDE? Can you leave one window, say half of the screen, and another window one quarter of the screen, and have those windows always stay that way. So that every time you open them they will be the way you want them and don't have to keep reseting them all the time because they go back to a small square in the top left corner of the screen. Right clicking on the title bar and clicking on store window settings does not do it. There has to be another way.
    All these problems with Linux. I never had to deal with this crap when using Windows, I set a window the way I want it and it stays that way always until I change it again.

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    Re:Storing Settings

    yes you can, and i can't remember for the life of me where that dern option is. I know there is an option like "rememeber last place" or something like that. If it comes to me, i will spout it out 8)

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    Re:Storing Settings

    Well I know that if you click in the top left corner a few things pop up, and one of them is, remember window settings, or something like that. The problem is if you set one thing a certain way it seems to affect a lot of other windows in other areas. I was trying to have individual control over each individual window seperately.

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    Re:Storing Settings

    Which applications are you trying to manipulate?

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