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Thread: K-Icons

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    I think I might have started in the wrong section before. I am having a problem with the icons on K-Mail and Konqueror. All of the icons are little squares across the top and I can not find out how to change them into all one smooth piece, if you know what I mean. Like it is shown on the website. I can't stand these squares. This is what's really frustrating. I opened up the K Menu Applications-File tools-File Manager - Super User Mode, and this Konqueror window had the icons exactly the way that I am talking about. I have been through the control panel a thousand times, I have read the KDE Documentation, and I am at a loss. Can someone please help me with this. I'm getting so frustrated with this I am almost ready to just wipe it out and start all over again, hoping that when I re-install I can get it the way I want.

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    maybe its the theme...
    try changing it in the look 'n feel section of the control center

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    I've been all through there I don't know how many times. But when you say themes are you referring to like the new Galaxy, or themes that change the entire look of everything. Because I am using Galaxy, but I don't know why this is doing this.

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    hmm, i can't find a galaxy theme.....
    could yuou put up a screenshot somehwere so we can take a look?

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    Galaxy is the default theme for MDK 9.1. Actually it's under Style in Look & Feel in the KDE Control Panel.
    I did take some screenshots, I'll put them somewhere if you still want to see them, but I finally got it fixed. What a relief. This was really driving me crazy.

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    What was the issue/fix?

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    i wouldn't mind taking a look at what kde in mandrake looks like....

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    no problem, tell me where to put the screenshots. Since you're interested in seeing KDE in Mandrake I'll throw in a few extras.

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    It was after all the Style in the KDE Control Panel. Everytime I changed it before the ones that I changed it too were the same. There are only two different ways that the icons on Konqueror look. (I guess unless you change the entire theme) But they are the square icons where they stick out and you can see each individual icon, or smooth like it's all made together.

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    Do i see a opportunity for GLO to improve its services? What about a service that lets members upload screenshots as they ask a question or answer one? What can it cost? A bit of fiddling to bring up an ftp site and an extra hard drive?
    Theres no competition that i know of thats lets you do this, except things like geocities with free web space. And it sounds like a good idea to me, maybe even web space to allow breif mpegs or giffs or whatever to be shown.
    Meh! might grab a beer
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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