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Thread: Icons for personal scripts

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    Icons for personal scripts

    Hi Guys

    I've been doing a few simple scripts, for routine tasks. What I'd like to do change the seashell to a nice icon how do I that?



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    Re:Icons for personal scripts

    Are you looking to put an icon on your desktop so that you can click on it and have that scripted task be done? If so, it would be as easy as adding an icon to the desktop, and setting the icon to execute your script(s). I don't use icons on my desktop, only those in the quick launch and in the KDE menu, but i _believe_ that if you right click on the panel, and add a button to it, setting it to whatever you want to do, you can drag it to the desktop. You may also be able to right click on the desktop, and then click the configure desktop, and add an icon from there.

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    Re:Icons for personal scripts

    just when i thought i couldn't find anything i found this:

    adding icons to your desktop (we will use Netscape Communicator as an example): just right-click on the desktop and select New, Application. A New Application window will appear and replace Program.kdelnk with Netscape.kdelnk and press OK. A new window will be displayed and you should choose the Execute tab. In the Execute window enter netscape in the Execute space. Then click on the icon symbol to open the Select Icon window. Scroll down in the windown until you find an icon for netscape, select it and click on OK. You will be placed back in the Execute window. Press OK and the icon will be placed on the desktop with a link to netscape. When you single-click (not double-click) on the icon netscape with start. Read also the mount tutorial to see how to place a floppy and CD-ROM mount tool icon in your desktop



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    Re:Icons for personal scripts

    Hi Babbings

    I've created a script to launch netscape 7.02 and a script to download my photo's from my camera then, move the photos to a different folder, and it works. It's my attempt at scripting on linux, never done it before but they work. ;D . I'll try the above and let you know how I get on.


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    Re:Icons for personal scripts

    ;D ;D ;D Hi Babbings

    that works great. I only wanted a desktop icon for netscape as I did not have a lastest icon for netscape 7.02. I keep my other scripts in a folder and excute them from there/command line when I need em.

    thanks for the info ;D

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    Re:Icons for personal scripts

    Cool, glad to help 8)

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