Anybody here have any experience with wireless cards? I have a Dell 8200 laptop that I installed Mandrake 9.1 on yesterday as a dual boot with XP. The install went fine, but I cant connect to the internet with my wireless card. I have a Netgear MA401. It shows it as eth1. When I boot up, I seem to need to click on the little KLaptop icon (battery) to enable PCMCIA. Once I do that, it shows the Netgear card. When I go into the Mandrake control center it only shows eth0, which is my ethernet card. When I run the wizard, it detects both cards, but tries to setup eth1 with the drivers for the ethernet card(eth0) and doesnt let me change that. I have run ifconfig and iwconfig and it shows the wireless card and there doesnt seem to be any problems. When I was instlalling, I kind of skipped over the wireless settings as my desktop wasnt in Windows at the time and I couldnt access all the settings on my Access Point (ESSID, Encryption Key, etc).

So, I am not sure where to go from here. I was thinking about reinstalling, since I havent done any customization yet, but I would rather get it up and running.

Thanks for any help!