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Thread: Starting programs on boot

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    Starting programs on boot

    How can i start a program on boot would i just place the command in the file, the program needs to start with root permisions??


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    Re:Starting programs on boot

    erg, once again, i am at work and unable to test this. You should be able to add an entry to /etc/inittab that will handle starting processes upon boot.

    The inittab file describes which processes are started at
    bootup and during normal operation (e.g. /etc/init.d/boot,
    /etc/init.d/rc, gettys...). Init(8) distinguishes multi-
    ple runlevels, each of which can have its own set of pro-
    cesses that are started. Valid runlevels are 0-6 plus A,
    B, and C for ondemand entries. An entry in the inittab
    file has the following format:


    Lines beginning with `#' are ignored.

    So you could do that. Or you could do it the really easy way.

    Add whatever it is that you want to do, as a service.
    the hard way:

    Adding a service to a run level

    To add a service to a run level, you need to create a symbolic link pointing to that service's script in the init.d directory. When creating the link, be sure to number it so that the service is started at an appropriate time. If the service you're adding requires networking, be sure to assign your new service a number higher than networking, to ensure it will start after the networking scripts have been executed.

    To add "lpd" to run level 3, you would use:

    ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/lpd /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S64lpd

    the easy way is to use the gui that comes with KDE, and probably also with gnome



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    Re:Starting programs on boot

    or, if you just want to load up a normal program, you can add it to /etc/rc.d/rc.local
    this file is exceuted last, before you get a login screen.

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    Re:Starting programs on boot

    can you start a job as root like that?

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    Re:Starting programs on boot

    i think they are executed as root
    i would have to check with JimH

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    Re:Starting programs on boot

    heh, if you can ever find him

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