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Thread: Scsi card problems

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    Scsi card problems

    If i have an IDE writer and a scsi card in the system, the software can not see the cd writer, if i take out the scsi card , it detects and works fine, has anybody else seen this.


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    Re:Scsi card problems

    Sorry this has gone unanswered, but is there and error we can work with, or any other useful info? Do you have scsi emulation on the ide drive?

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    Re:Scsi card problems

    No worries,

    I donít seem to get an error , If I have a scsi card fitted Red hat detects the card and the attached DAT drive but the IDE Writer is just missing , cannot write to it but can read like a normal CD rom, If I do a Bus scan through the CD software it doesnít detect the Rom. If I remove the scsi card The CD writer is detected, and when I do a bus scan it detects fine and works fine.


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    Re:Scsi card problems

    What does your fstab look like, do they both have separate entrys? Could it be that they are on the same dev node or something rediculous like that? i wonder if this is an instance of redhat doing too much...

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