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Thread: usb external DVD

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    usb external DVD

    Hi guys

    Has anyone used an usb external DVD on their systems if so does it work ok with movies? I have a Dell Inspiron laptop intel 700 cpu. running RH8.0 2.4.26 18.8.0 Kde 3.1.1

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    Re:usb external DVD

    i would think that it would have no problems. are you ok with setting it up? i would guess that you need to set it up to run off /dev/sda but maybe somehwerre in /dev/usb....


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    Re:usb external DVD

    Hi Alastair

    I'm going to buy usb caddy and internal DVD player for use with my laptop while working the night shift at work. I think once I have it I'll post here for setup. ;D

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    Re:usb external DVD

    Coooooooooooool ;D

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