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Thread: Database client

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    Database client

    Hi Guys

    is there simple Database I can use outhere? I was kinda supprised not to see one packaged with open office. I need the database to keep a track of work I do for customers when I do PC upgrades/repairs etc.

    I've tried setting up mysql but its hard work so I'm looking for something simple.

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    Re:Database client

    OOo can interface with MySql, it is really powerfull in that regard.
    when i get home i can post a link to a tutorial for you if you want.

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    Re:Database client

    That would be great if you could. Much appreciated ;D

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    Re:Database client

    gosh i have alot of bookmarks...
    finally found it...
    just grab that file and follow the instructions.

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    Re:Database client

    Hi Alastair

    I kow that feeling of over whelmng bookmarks ;D

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    Re:Database client

    have you tried it yet?

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    Re:Database client

    I'll be doing it tonite on my night, I got 12 hours to kill with no interuptions ;D

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    Re:Database client

    ok I got my openffice and mysql working together, the problem I have is when I create table in open office it crashes out to the desktop, just when I thought I was making good head way. Hmmmmmmmm

    Any clues or could it be a corrupt library?

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    Re:Database client

    doh :-\i never actually got it working, but i did come across something last night which you might like.

    i mainly use phpMyAdmin
    which is a web based mysql tool. its good for me because i do mostly php/database stuff.

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    Re:Database client

    If I try to use the test account it crashes so I've used the bibliography account which I'l enter into the mysql at some point. It works but occasionaly you get library errors coming up. I'll try it out on my laptop as I'm got it on my desktop at the moment.

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