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Thread: Something to log time

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    Something to log time

    Do you guys know of a program that I could log when a person logs in and out and what programs they might have used and do this remotely? Or have it save on a central server?

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    Re:Something to log time

    i think M$ has one of those for it's 'anonymous usage statistics', call over there and see what they can do for you, lol : 8) 8) ;D

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    Re:Something to log time

    from a ssh session?

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    Re:Something to log time

    i think he means any means possible, of logging in, including ssh, but not excluding ftp and such

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    Re:Something to log time

    Hey Aragorn.

    As far as logging when a user may log in/out I don't see why syslogd can't meet your needs for that. You could probably get data similar to that displayed in 'last' to be sent to a log server, as well as any other configurable logs used through /etc/syslog.conf. All it is, is data stored in the /var/log/wtmp file. It's stored in utmp structs, just in case you try to write a program. See man utmp, man wtmp, man getutent, etc.

    Logging what a user does when they are logged in is a little different, but you could just set up a tty sniffer. Maybe pipe all of the sniffed data to files that are later sent to a log server? Just a thought.

    A good overview of ttysnoop, which is the first one I could think of, is here

    I'll look for more stuff when I have more time.

    Also, if what your asking is if there is somehow to monitor what users do without using the system their connecting to, i think your best bet would be using passive network monitors/sniffers. All connections should be routed through the sniffing box, unless you're not using switches in which case a promiscuous NIC could pick it up anyway. This setup would be similar to a packet filter and IDS setup.

    Just log everything and have something parse it and separate it. The problem with this is that data passed over ssh connections and other protocols that may be tunneled through encryption won't be viewable.

    I know this doesn't help much as I didn't suggest much in the way of programs, but I'm not sure exactly what you want.

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    Re:Something to log time

    I am looking at seeing the amount of time that a person spends on a computer, then if they have printed anything out and how many pages, and if they played games which ones and how long. That is pretty much about the extent of stuff I want to do....I don't need to log what sites they went to or anything, just what I mentioned above. It looks like I may be having to write a program, but that is fine, I'll just have to blow the dust off of php :P

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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