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Thread: Konsole question - displaying colors

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    Konsole question - displaying colors

    I recently started using slack 8.1 so that I could learn a little more about Linux. One of the things that I've noticed is that I'm not seeing the different colors in the Konsole(different color of executeable, directory, etc.)

    If I switch over to my virtual terminal and log in, the colors are there, so they're defined, but they're just not showing up in Konsole. Any ideas how I can fix this?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanx

    I'm running KDE 3.0.1, the default that comes with Slackware 8.1

    Also, I loaded xterm and it has the same problem.

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    Re:Konsole question - displaying colors

    usually its a thing with the aliases.
    usually 'll' is aliased to 'ls -l --color'
    which is why it shows it in colour (try it)
    chances are, konsole isn't correctly loading one of the bash startup scripts when it loads, try adding this line to the .bashrc file in your home directory:
    alias ll="ls -l --color"
    anywhere should do. the end might be the best place, so you don't break anything already in there


    p.s im a new zealander, we use 'colour'. and don't try and change me

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    Re:Konsole question - displaying colors

    im a new zealander, we use 'colour'. and don't try and change me
    you're a lost cause ;D ;D

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    Re:Konsole question - displaying colors


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    Recondite Phreak

    Re:Konsole question - displaying colors

    thanx guyz, that solved my problem

    Where would I define those alias's so that they're universal?

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    Re:Konsole question - displaying colors

    redhat uses /etc/profile and another one that i can't recall at the moment

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