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Thread: GLO Themes

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    GLO Themes

    Follow the link and look down the right and side for themes. If you would like to have a custom theme, choose one from there and we will make them available for you.

    i vote for 'clean', 'gameserver', and 'smooth blue'

    Just post up your choices and will do our best to get them up for you

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    Re:GLO Themes

    wow, its a crux theme
    ill take a look when i have some more time, it could be cool
    i actually don't have a geeklog acct yet... ill have to see

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    Re:GLO Themes

    What would you need a geeklog account for? to see the themes? i didn't need one...

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    Re:GLO Themes

    meaning a glo geeklog

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    Re:GLO Themes


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    Re:GLO Themes

    !slap babbing

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    Re:GLO Themes

    well, aren't you registered on the Front page??!

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    Re:GLO Themes

    last time i checked, no

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    Re:GLO Themes


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    Re:GLO Themes

    it is?

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