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Thread: You can't log in from...

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    You can't log in from...

    You can't log in at
    It say's wrong credential's, i ask it to send me my password, it say's account doesn't exist. I can log in fine within the forum's. Just thought you might like to know. :P

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    Re:You can't log in from...

    this is true. The reason is that the front page is entirely separate from the forums. They don't know each other other than the forums link on the front page.

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    Re:You can't log in from...

    Yeah, we really need to integrate those two.
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    Re:You can't log in from...

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    Re:You can't log in from...

    that is quite the task, it means creating a program to convert one database to the other and then having a cron program run constantly to keep converting. :-\

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