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Thread: AudioCD & SuSE 8.1

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    AudioCD & SuSE 8.1

    I am new to SuSE, but have been using Mandrake for the last year or so. The trouble that I am having is with playing any music cd's. I can play movies that I downloaded and hear the sound. And I hear the system sound on boot up. So, my audio card works. I have tried reading the manual that comes with the SuSE's cd's and it tells me to go to Yast2 and make sure that I am a member of the disk and audio group. I do that and make sure that those check boxes are checked. It also says that I can go to Konquerer and type audiocd:/ and bring up all of the cd info. I try those things and they do not work. So, if anyone can help me so I can listen to music on my Linux box, I will greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows how to install Diablo 2 on Linux, I will be greatful if you could let me know how.

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    Re:AudioCD & SuSE 8.1

    this might be a problem with the actual cable not being connected up inside the computer between the cd and the sound card.
    Have you been able to play cds before? if not then this is probally the problem.

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    Re:AudioCD & SuSE 8.1

    Is the CD mounted?

    also, along what Alastair said, try headphones in the headphone jack on the cdrom

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    Re:AudioCD & SuSE 8.1

    you can't mount an audio cd

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    Re:AudioCD & SuSE 8.1

    : ;D duh

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