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Thread: Graphics cards suggestions?

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    Graphics cards suggestions?

    I've just recently managed to pick up a couple of 17" Eizo T561 monitors. Freebies. Sweet ;D

    So now I'm in the market for a graphics card to replace my ageing GeForce2 GTS. Are there manufacturers that supply dual-headed cards and provide better support to the Linux community compared to Nvidia?

    I don't need top of the range gaming performance, and 1600x1200 desktops at high refresh rates seem to be more or less a given these days. In the end, in my case, I think it comes down to vendor support.

    TIA for any suggestions ........ Pete

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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    O for the love of god, please go with matrox! ;D i have a millenmium g450 and rocks. Not to mention, have you looked are there parhelias??! <droooooooool>

    they supply linux drivers, but i don't use them. i tried them on rh 7.2 and wasn't impressed. But the ones that X has are excellent. Also, another cool thing is that mplayer has a module for the matrox that uses hardware scaling to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the load on the processor when playing DVDs.

    another cool thing




    btw, i think ATI has a dualheaded card, but Matrox is the better of the two in my mind

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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    A Parhelia would be good, but a little on the expensive side.

    G550's don't really cut it in the gaming side. I don't think there's much of a gain in performance against the GeForce2 GTS.

    Yes, there's the ATI route. I've been looking at the Radeon 9000 Pro. Anyone had a play with one?


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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    my g450 slams out 700 fps for glxgears, and i never had issues with fps in counter strike. i think JimH has the Radeon 9000...

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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    I know JimH will reccomed an ATI Radeon.
    ATI support the linux community and spend time working on X as well.
    Their 7500 has full open source 3d support in linux and with the next release of X there will be support for newer cards.
    Im assuming you're in north america, so make sure you get a "Made by ATI" card, the box is red and black and it advertises quite loudly who made it.
    make sure you don't get one that is just 'powered by ati' even tho it may be cheaper, there may be slight changes in the hardware that makes it not run on thew open source drivers
    They are also dual head carsds

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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    I'm actually in the UK. I need to update my profile I guess. I'll get round to it at some point.

    Point taken about the ATI-made cards as opposed to a manufacturing partner one. I'll see what's out there.


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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    oh, cool
    im not in the us either
    they don't actually ship the made by ati cards out of the us
    so yeah....

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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    they don't actually ship the made by ati cards out of the us
    Why is that?

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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    im not sure, thats the story i got told.
    the official reseller in aust/nz is powercolor

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    Re:Graphics cards suggestions?

    Hmm, oh well : 8)

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