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Thread: Unreal tornament won't boot

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    Unreal tornament won't boot

    Hi Guys

    I thought I'd install install unreal tornament all went well. I'm using 4.36.
    I've changed ownship and group to a normal user.

    when I type ut in command line; this is what I get, i hope someone understands this.
    System spek
    Ge-force2-mx-400, 256mb ram, 20gb hdd, 4x cdrom scsi. Rh 8.0 2.4.19 -18.8.0 kernel

    [dread@open dread]$ ut
    Unreal engine initialized
    Bound to
    Joystick [0] : SAITEK CYBORG 3D USB
    Joystick has 14 buttons
    Joystick has 6 axes
    SDLClient initialized.
    Bound to
    Lighting subsystem initialized
    Rendering initialized
    LoadMap: Entry
    Bound to
    Case-insensitive search: Botpack -> ..\System\BotPack.u
    Bound to
    Game class is 'UTIntro'
    Level is Level Entry.MyLevel
    Bringing Level Entry.MyLevel up for play (0)...
    Base Mutator is Entry.Mutator0
    Browse: CityIntro.unr?Name=Player?Class=Botpack.TMale2?tea m=255?skin=SoldierSkin s.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.Othello
    LoadMap: CityIntro.unr?Name=Player?Class=Botpack.TMale2?tea m=255?skin=SoldierSki ns.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.Othello
    appError called:
    ReadFile beyond EOF 16384+2/16384
    Executing UObject::StaticShutdownAfterError
    Executing USDLClient::ShutdownAfterError
    Signal: SIGIOT [iot trap]
    Name subsystem shut down

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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    Apparently you aren't the only person with this issue, though it took some searching. i found this. an abstract of it would be that your maps are not decompressing properly. here you go, and they give you a handy little script to fix ya up as well ;D



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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    Hi Babbling

    thx for the tip, have a pint on me mate. Trust me to be the only one with this problem ;D

    regards doggiebone

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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    Hi babbing

    I've checked my Maps dir and the files in there are have the unr extension already. Is it worth while contacting support at unreal tornament?

    regard doggiebone

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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    hehe, support historically goes 'uuuuuuuuuhhh, linux?' when you tell them your os. i will have to do more looking.

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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    btw, are the skins unzipped?

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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    Hi Babbing ;D

    Sounds like support out the question the I'm not sure if the skins are unzipped I will check in the morning when I get home as I'm at work now. Is there a window saying skins? in the UT folder?

    regards doggiebone

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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    well i am just curious because the last output from ut was about a skin. All i saw that was relative to you was that stuff wasn't decompressed. So lemme know what that turns up :P

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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    Hi babbing

    the files are not zipped. however there was something I did the other day. I've got unreal tornamament installed on my windows 2000, I installed wine and ran unreal tornament via wine it works but the when I see the other character they move in slow motion I can rotate 360 very quickly but when I move my character it too moves in slow motion.

    thought I'd mention it.

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    Re:Unreal tornament won't boot

    Do you have DRI enabled in X? i think maybe in that case, maybe you were operating UT using directX, since it is a windows setup, but i am not sure. i wonder if wine has all of the libraries that UT needs. Where did you get your wineX from?

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