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Thread: Fire log coverter

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    Fire log coverter

    Hi Guys

    do any of you know of program that converts firewall text files into a readable format for easy reading?

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    Re:Fire log coverter

    this may provide the tools you need, sorry, i haven't got time to look closer :-\

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    Re:Fire log coverter

    Hi babbings

    thx for the info I'll check it out. I've been looking for while but most programs just dont work. thx again doggiebone

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    Re:Fire log coverter

    lemme know how you make out

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    Re:Fire log coverter

    ok will do ;D , babbing I've been looking on the rpm site for redhat 8.0 and found something called logwatch, not looked at it yet but I will post my finding here any way

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    Re:Fire log coverter

    there you go, there are actually a number of logwatchers at SF as well

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