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Thread: Another distro

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    Another distro

    Someone please try this and give us a report?

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    Re: Another distro

    downloading now ill try to install tonight and post back

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    Re: Another distro

    all right i got it to install after quite a few tries, all im going to say is aggh that was the most problematic install ive had. (note its still a beta)

    Test System
    Amd 64 3000+
    160GB SATA Drive
    160Gb PATA Drive
    NVIDIA GeForce 66660GT
    MSI K8N NEo2 Platinum
    Audigy 2 Platinum
    2 cd burners

    Install Time
    ive seen worse but it took near 40 minutes on my sata drive and 30 on my pata drive

    Boot Time
    40 Seconds, and spitting out alot of errors

    Anaconda (Nothing diferent, the team really didnt add any graphics), however my main gripe was when it came to package selection, your choices were minimal (for a router), or everything (what it says), couldnt there be some middle ground

    Base System
    As far as i can tell its based on fedora core, seems that way to me at least

    Packaging System
    honestly ive never heard of it conary is its name, and the graphical frontend reminded me of synaptic what i saw of it, by this i mean when i opened it all these errors came up covering my whole screen then it rebooted heres there documentation on conary
    Package management

    Foresight Linux is built using the conary package management system. Conary is a way of managing software using a loosely knit group of network repositories. There are tools included to make it very simple to install and update packages.

    There are four basic operations involved in package management; querying, installing, upgrading, removing.

    There are two type of searches you can do, local and remote. A local search queries localling installed software. A remote search queries network repositories for available software. Here are some examples:

    To see what version of firefox you have installed, you run the conary command with the "q" argument as well as the package name "firefox"

    foresight$ conary q firefox
    firefox 1.0-2-1

    This shows that firefox 1.0 build 3 is installed.

    To see what versions of firefox are available, you run the conary command with the "rq" argument as well as the package name "firefox"

    foresight$ conary rq firefox
    firefox 1.0-3-1

    This shows that firefox 1.0 build 3 is available. In this example, there is a newer version, so it can be upgraded

    Installing and upgrading is basically the same operation, conary with the argument "update". To upgrade or install firefox:

    foresight$ conary update firefox

    Note: There will be no feedback on success, so if you just get returned to a prompt without an error it was successful. Some of these operations could take a while, so be assured if you don't see an error that things are working. Remember, these packages are being downloaded over the internet prior to installation.

    To remove a package, conary with the argument "erase". To remove firefox:

    foresight$ conary erase firefox

    Note: As with update, there will be no feedback on success.

    For more information of how conary works, see the Conary Wiki. This is more of a developer reference, but has lots of good information.
    Checking for out of date packages

    There is a handy utility called "yuck" which compares your versions of packages to those available from the repository." Yuck can also update those packages (requires root), the default behavior is to simply display.

    foresight$ yuck

    This will display a list of available updates.

    foresight# yuck --update --except kernel

    This will update everything that is out of date with the exception of the kernel. You can specifiy a comma separated list of exceptions (no spaces). I would recommend always excluding the kernel and update that individually with "conary update --keep-existing kernel". This will also make it install a new kernel and leave the old one... so you system is still bootable if things aren't right. From time to time you can remove the unused kernel with "conary erase kernel=[version]".
    Hardware detection
    the first thing i noticed was no internet seeing as how my cable goes on and off i decided to see if it was my actual connection chrooted into my debian install ran apt-get update and i had internet parusing the network area it seemed that neither of my nics were activated, trying to activate one froze the application, for my video card it set the driver to vesa, thank goodness it wont work with nv, other than that hardware detection was spot on it uses red hat hardware detection

    it seemed to be fedora without kde xfce or the server apps, running gnome 2.10 if your gnome person this is great which i am, came with all the standard apps including firefox xchat, etc. what hit me were a few apps that i dont see installed by default too often beagle, howl, f-spot and firestarter the last is more common but still i think its good for the newer user

    ill put more later i have some stuff to do, also if i can get it to run for more than twenty minutes, or am being harsh, would i recommend it so far same as fedora core 3 too me with three apps and a custom packaging system, ill be able to tell later

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