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Thread: Need Advice on drake 9.0 and Westell ADSl

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    Need Advice on drake 9.0 and Westell ADSl

    I am unable to connect to the internet . I have installed Mandrake 9.0 and have a ethernet card which i am able to ping, but am not able to get to the westell adsl modem. i have tried every thing i have read on forums and still no go. I always get a time-out. Have also tried Roaring Penguine's tk-pppoe to no avail. i have tried setting it to auto detect and also inserting my ISP's Primary and Secondary DNS's (Bellsouth).
    I have tried setting up adsl from the control panel in kde and also manually in a root console.
    Can anyone advise that has had simular problems? or might even have a suggestion? also, the Prim and Sec DNS's i'm not sure of , found them on a web site. My tech support wont even talk about a Linux install (go figure). Any advice will be greatly appreciated. TIA

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    Re:Need Advice on drake 9.0 and Westell ADSl

    What are the results of: ping

    also, paste the results of (i think): modinfo eth0
    lsmod eth0

    Are you a new subscriber to adsl? i know with my cable IC, i had to register the modem and stuff with AT&T

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