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Thread: Sharing Printer

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    Sharing Printer

    I can see the printer that is connected to my Mandrake box from my Windows XP latpop in network neighborhood, etc. But, when I try to print a document, I am not offered the choice of that printer. Is there anything I have to do from the Linux box to be able to use it?

    Some more info: I go to add the printer in Windows and it sees it in the Wizard. But when I go to install it, it tells me the server for the printer does not have the correct printer driver installed. I have the software for it on the Windoze machine and it is already installed for when my main machine is in Windoze. It wont let me install it for Linux, though....


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    Re:Sharing Printer

    is the linux box set up to allow sharing?

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    Re:Sharing Printer

    Yes, via Samba. I see it on the Windows laptop, it just says it cant find the drivers....

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    Re:Sharing Printer

    I got it! Once I pointed the Windows laptop to the correct printer drivers it worked!

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