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    After 8 months of using Suse 8.0 I switched today to Mandrake 9.0. So far, I really like it and it works very well, a little more polished than Suse.

    I have a problem though, in LinNeighborhood. In Suse, I was able to mount Windows shares. In Mandrake, I am having problems mounting. Getting one of 2 messages:

    SMB Connection Failed libsmb programs must *NOT* be setuid root.

    Or...Standard in must be a tty. I saw that problem on the LinNeighborhood site and it said I had to set the permissions for smbmount and smbumount a certain way, which I did...but it still doesnt work. When I log in as root, I can mount the shares with no problem and when I switch to regular user, they stay mounted, but I cant unmount them.

    I dont remember exactly how I had it in Suse, but I know I didnt have to do anything with the permissions, etc.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Ok, I played around with it and i got it to work!

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    Can you share what you did, so the rest of us noobs have options to try if we encouter the same problem?


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