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    can anyone help me setup fstab so i can read/write NTFS and FAT32 drives? i've done my best.. but cant get it right. i know the basics of mounting but i dont know the right options to give read/write to normal users.

    i'm using mandrake 8.2 if that makes a difference.

    thanx n happy new year y'all

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    You can't write to NTFS drives. You can only read them.

    Read this for NTFS. Scroll down to the place were it describes " Accessing your NTFS partitions". Just ignore everythinhg else.

    The syntax for vfat partitions is essentially the same as NTFS. You just replace ntfs with vfat for the filesystem type.

    If you still don't understand something post again and post the entry you are trying to add in fstab.

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    thanx for that. grrr... i wish there was a ntfs>fat32 converter! lol

    i'm still having problems getting my normal user granted read access (and write access to fat32) where there is no problem for root!! i've added 'user' into the fstab line.. i think in the right manner... but it still doesnt seem to be right.. even with a reboot any ideas?


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