i've just reinstalled mandrake 8.2 prosuite ed. and come across the following..

1.real handy tool 'locate' isnt installed and i've no idea how i'd go about doing that.. is it an rpm? or...

2.i've been trying to get all my file permissions sorted under a normal user so that i can get reasonable access without having to login as superuser every 5 mins.. however.. i've just used chmod on /var/www/html so i can create some files there,
- problem - kde says i dont have permission to create files, but if i go to the command line and login as the same user, i have no problems ??? i have no idea whats going on

any help with my 2 problems would be great! i'm not the best at writing what i mean.. so if it doesnt make sense.. just complain and i'll have another go