i just upgraded to RedHat 8.0, i had a kernel that was working before, but now it is giving me issues. I recompiled it, and it pretty much have it where i want it but i am still having issues with it trying to modprobe when it load usb and sound drivers.

It is a true monolithic kernel, as in nothing is modular, and i have module support disabled

when i start the box, it goes through the boot process, when it comes to the usb, which is disabled in the kernel and on the motherboard, it does a modprobe. well of course it failes because i never compiled and modules because its a monolithic kernel. it also gives me a error when it loads the sound, which is enabled and with the correct drivers.

the actuall error message is

modprobe: can't open dependencies file /lib/modules/2.4.18-sf_RH8.0/modules.dep (no such file or directory)

which is where it would be lockated if it were a mondular kernel...