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Thread: fluxbox questions

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    fluxbox questions

    Ok, I installed fluxbox on my laptop at work to see if I want to install it at home. I must say, its different. Very minimalistic in its approach. My questions are:
    Where do I install the themes to?
    How do I set a background pic?
    Are there any default icons or anything?

    Thats all for now.

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    Re:fluxbox questions

    i may be wrong but i think alot of you stuff like themes and what not can either be found in /usr(/local)/share/fluxbox or ~/.fluxbox. as for the background i never managed to get any of the documented ways of getting a background set so i edited my favorite them and used:

    Esetroot -s /path/to/image

    in place of the theme RootCommand:

    and i used Esetroot because bsetroot never works for me.

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    Re:fluxbox questions

    The themes (called "styles" in Flux) are in /usr/local/share/fluxbox/styles . As for setting the background, if you use an editor on the style you use, there should be a line that reads: xsri --root path/to/baground.jpg. Change that to your desired background.

    As for the icons, you'll have to use the Rox-Filter to apply that. Kinda tricky, but you know where to find me if you want to know how. ;D

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    Re:fluxbox questions

    It was pretty cool in how it was setup. If i get time, I will probably set it up at home. I will give your a yell out if I need any help.

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