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    I started using Mozilla mail, thoght I would try it out. Well, this morning, a couple of times mozilla and the mail froze. Then, I could no longer open mozilla, it told me it was already running under my profile. I rebooted and it still told me that! So, I deleted the profile and chose to save the files. Now, I am trying to get the settings back. Most I can do manually, but I want to get my bookmarks do I get the old profile back in?


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    I found my bookmarks in the .mozilla directory under my home directory.

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    maybe there was a mozilla lock file somehwere that it uses to tell itself that its running....
    here we go:
    [alastair@Eccles zop0ndh6.slt]$ pwd
    [alastair@Eccles zop0ndh6.slt]$ ls -li lock*
    564503 lrwxrwxrwx 1 alastair alastair 13 Dec 18 12:03 lock ->

    just remove that symlink (rm -f lock) and it should work again

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    Thanks, removing that lock file did the trick...for a while. It did come back and I had to delete it again. Is there a way to permanently prevent that?

    I tried it out in Windows and it doesnt seem to lock you out if you try to open another instance of Mozilla or if you close the browser and leave the mail open and then try to reopen the browser.

    I understand Mozilla is a work in progress, but this is very frustrating. In general it has been a rough couple of days for me in Linux. I am not yet trying to do any real sophisticated stuff, but the little things that arent working well is what is getting to me. My problems with IRC programs, etc. :-[

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    im not sure, sorry. is there anything in bugzilla?

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    I have looked at the faq's so far and havent seen anything.

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