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Thread: Open Source Hardware

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    Open Source Hardware

    I was just watching cspan and these profesors and scientist were talking about open source hardware and how to make it a reality.

    The basic idea is you could buy the tools to build micro chips they were saying the tool you need to build these chips cost a couple of dollars.
    And you would buy the materials to build these chips and you would use open source hardware schematics to build motherboards video cards etc etc basicly building a computer really from scratch and the that these profesors and scientest have been going around to diffearnt goverments looking for funding to start this.
    MIT is playing a huge part in this new movement

    Anyways here is some proof that it is really happening.
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    Re: Open Source Hardware

    ive heard of this specifically for a graphics card but thats it, hopefully this will further open source, but how good will the hardware be , ive also heard that mit is doing alot of various things to help with the furthering of opensource, now all we need is a opensource, linux based video game console

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