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Thread: XF86Config & Blackbox

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    XF86Config & Blackbox

    I finally got blackbox working on my laptop with the neomagic driver. so its all configured and looks nice.. but i had to enable the "no stretch" option for my display to be 800x600. It makes it so the bottom and right part of the monitor is black. my display looks something like widescreen, but everything is easier to read and looks better in this mode. Is there anyway to get FULL 800x600 with neomagic NM2070 16bit color. I think thats what windows95 used. 640x480 wouldnt be a problem, but everything is just too damn BIG in that mode, and none of the fonts look correct. so can someone please help me get rid of the black lining in blackbox / xf86Confg ??

    I took a picture so ud know when i meant. ill keep working on it though...

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    Re:XF86Config & Blackbox

    OK! I've almost got X working perfectly. Though it took some time, i think im very close... What i want is 800x600 in 16bit color with the Neomagic NM2070 chipset. Im sure this HAS to be possible. anyways, i got the whole display to fill up except for like a 3/4 " section of the bottom

    see where the scan lines are red at the bottom.. well on my screen all i see is white strip.. that i can scroll into, but there is no display. I'm so close... can someone help me?

    there is my config file. to make it so i got rid of all the black stuff on the side, i added

    Virtual 0 0

    under the Subsection Display 16
    but now as u can see i have that little white strip, but thats a lot less than what i had before. someone help me... or give me your ideas on this.

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    Re:XF86Config & Blackbox

    I would post a question to the xpert mailing list at I am not familiar with bugs or workarounds for issues with your chipset.

    I also see there is a Neomagic specific list. I never noticed that before.

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    Re:XF86Config & Blackbox

    Thanks Jim.. i subscribed. Now, i'm just waiting on them to email me back with my info...hmm. anyways yea, i'll try them out, if not ill try on some newsgroups too. It'd be so cool if i could get linux to work on that laptop, because it would give me experience with X, and perhaps after a while ill turn this (windows) box over to linux and be all opensource. but until i get good with X and linux all around, i dont think i'm ready for the big switch.. yet.

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